Snowberry Malaysia Sdn Bhd was established in 2001, as a Food & Beverages distribution company. In 2005, the Company ventured into food manufacturing specialising in making flavoured snowy ice dessert and ice cream, through a ‘know-how transfer’ technology from a Taiwan Company.

Our food and beverages products were manufactured with Halal certification from local authority, JAKIM. In addition, the factory also certified with Mesti, GMP and HACCP. We produce high quality products under strict food safety control.

With over 12 years of manufacturing fruits related products and beverages, the Company also produce ice cream, crispy fruity roll, instant beverages powder, soft serve ice cream powder, mochi and mooncake. In 2016, we had developed Calamansi Puree and brown coconut sugar syrup in Coconut sugar with storage condition in room temperature.

Company profile


Winnie Yim & CY Khoo