Avocado Banana Ice Cream

Avocado is a big hype, here’s an unique avocado banana ice cream of avocado-banana treats that combine the sweetness of banana with the buttery smooth textures of avocado.
Delicious, Creamy, Heart-Healthy Monounsaturated Fat.
(1) We made Avocado Ice Cream by using the finest ingredients and high quality of avocado from Mexico.
(2) We use fresh Banana (10%) and Avocado (28%), a summer bliss.

(3) Distinctive creamy taste,  quality skimmed milk powder,

(4) Not added either condensed milk, egg yolk, concentrated juice or fruit puree

(5) Try our authentic Avocado ice cream, rich in avocado taste and mix with Chocolate
(6) Perfect for dessert, refreshing and loads of energy.
(7) No artificial color, flavor and preservative.

Store at freezer, air tight, avoid moisture and direct sunlight